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We have a Launch!
Finally, after a lot of play-testing and bug-fixing, World Wreckers is released into the wild! I actually can't think of much to write now, justa that I hope th...
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Nearly there!
I'm nearly there; World Wrecker's launch is imminent! It now packs a total of hand crafted 15 levels.Today I did some major polishing. I also need to hit up my...
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Mac Demo
After finally downloading the Unit Mac build components here it is; the World Wreckers demo for all Apple Fanboiz and Mac Afficionados! Enjoy and give feedback...
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New Features!
After spending the last days designing more levels for the final version I have returned to feature development and am proud to announce damage affordance (nice...
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Linux Demo
Here's to some Linux love, with the new demo for this wonderful operating system! I haven't gotten round to testing the demo on Linux yet, but please feel free...
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Ball bump
After this morning's flying cars I have implemented one new feature, the ball bump. Using space you can bump the ball into a random direction. This is mainly a...
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Sending Cars Flying
I just woke up in the middle of the night with the realization that I should make cars (and other objects) fly! No, not flying like an airplane, but flying as i...
Tought Day, new demo
What a day! I implemented an improved debris system, only to find out that I can use both systems in parallel. New features are: The option to mute sound in th...
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