A downloadable game for Windows

This game is still in development and I'm constantly expanding its feature set. As I  go along I release playable increments with each development step, to illustrate the current state of the game. All playable increments can be freely downloaded and played and I would be happy about your feedback!

Lightyears of Fervent Warfare, the action RPG top-down shoot-em-up you've been waiting for! Take some Diablo (tm), some Space Battle Ship Yamato (tm) military-grade hardware, lots of good old top-down retro shooters and mash them all up to a space-tastic pulp! That is what I'm aiming for in Lightyears of Fervent Warfare!

Unlike other shoot-em-ups LoFW uses mouse and keyboard controls:

  • W, A, S, D control your ship.
  • The left mouse button fires your ship's guns.
  • The number keys trigger skills.
  • Skills can also be triggered by clicking on their buttons.
  • The action can be paused using the space bar.
  • The drone can be deployed and re-positioned using drag and drop.

Install instructions

Downloads are available  in the form of an installer and a compressed zip file.

Download the installer and run it. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to install and run the game.

Download and unzip the zip file to a location of choice. Run the "Lightyears of Fervent Warfare.exe" inside the directory. Movement with WASD and fire with the mouse button. Slow the action down with SPACE and position your drone  with drag-and-drop.  Trigger the shield skill with 1 or by pressing its button.


LoFW Increment 008.zip 25 MB
LoFW Increment 008 Setup.exe 21 MB

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I think it's good progress!

Excuse my bad pronunciation of the title.